Millennial’s guides to savings. (Copied this post off one my followers.)

Many millennials are seeing their salaries rise each year, but not seeing the same jump in their retirement savings. As pensions are being phased out, proper management of money becomes an absolute necessity to young workers hoping to retire one day. Over the broad time horizon from when a millennial begins earning money and when […]

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Poetry part 1, “Memory Love,” my heart felt words.  Real truth and emotion inside…

​”Memory Love” 

          The Love,

                             The cry,

             The need,

                    And most of all,

                                  The want. 


                         When it hurts so bad.


         Maybe it feels that good?

    So many feelings in one word. 

               You could love so much


                                      So little,

                 Does it ever just go away?


       Love can fade away,

       Because you no longer see this Feeling.

                            The Memory, 

                                It then, fades away.

                     You come across these feelings                Again one day

                                   The love is back,

               Just not the same.

      A Memory opens a feeling of Love

            Now it’s time,

                             For goodbye

         You keep feeling what’s inside again,


                         You let Go


                  Let memory of love 

                          be what it shall be….


                      “Memory Love”


                      Brittany Carroll

“Her meditation, is her esscape from anxiety.” “Its her way to tolerate people full of negativity.”

 Meditation, spirit guide communication, positive energy, Finding the inner You and peace at mind are some of the interesting copping techniques I  have been researching and practicing. Yoga I have done and should add this more into my daily life as well. 

I have been struggling with my anger, frustration and anxiety. I  have been experiencing this a lot of my life due to depression and life events that have accord in my past.

After 32 days in a rehab called “Jesus Is,” which was a place where we studied “The word of God” and prayed for thanksgiving everyday, It was a life changing event. My heart opened and my mind had expanded. I gained new understanding, knowledge and wisdom of the truth in how to live in peace  on earth. Its written in the book of all books, The Bible.

My two days back I had a reuniting with an friend I had went to school with. I told him of my experience and how I felt free and peace, all throughout me. He kept in touch giving me inspirational words to grow more from, my new Pease at life. He suggested I read the book “Untethered Soul” a book that helps you have peace for a entirety. I never finished but practiced my first deep meditation and also performed some yoga moves to help with the new life feeling and experience of peace at mind, freeing of worry and relaxation to the body.

Today I have opened up to my spirit Guide that connected me with the spirit animal that had me smiling for the fact my meditation, connecting and communicating with the spirits worked. Expecting a different outcome but was satisfied with the black and white fuzzy caterpillar that was next to me after I opened my eyes at the end of my meditation. “Like It happened!” They answered me and gave me a spirit animal that after research, is fount to mean, Letting Go, New path, journey to a future life. Talk about peace at mind. Made my day!

So my new everyday activities with connecting with the spirts like I did, I made sure I opened the talk with The holyspirt, “I want to say Thank you for another day.” “Spirit Guide reveal yourself and spirit animal approach me.”

I trust in his power and feel the love. Its true! Life’s happiness, that has me with a glow.


“My Goals for future post.”

My post Ill now be posting….

Ill write a summery soon for my readers of the effects of my emotions and living of life after my split with my ex husband. What things I started doing to ease my pain of having my children tooken away from me due to false accusations made about me. How I escaped my depression made it back to reality. New start and possibilities of a life I want and need……..

So wrote down the negative effects of my life and positive effects on my life…..


Now was going to start my WordPress over but decided that was silly due to the fact that I’m learning how to do this blogging thing, got a lot still to learn. After I get it down by just posting things like this then I think Ill be able to start my own webpage or blog. Not sure, like I said its learning for me right now. One day Ill know when I am ready to move on to something more. I’m already working on something but its just notes in my journal that I may one day bring to light.


So lets get started…